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Wed, Dec. 28th, 2005, 02:49 pm
Its the end of the world as we know it

I have created a new live journal account where I will be posting from now on. Please update your links appropriately, you billions of people that check my blog every 30 minutes ;).


Sat, Dec. 24th, 2005, 02:21 am
software ramblings

I havnt been playing with unix much this week, but had a dabble tonight.

I am up to the section in my "beginning unix" book where it starts using telnet examples. However, I was unable to telnet between my computers.

I read online somewhere about editing the /etc/hosts.allow file and gave that a go (adding ALL:, however no joy.

Eventually posted on the ubuntu forum, and someone suggested "sudo apt-get install ssh"

Well that did the trick. *sort of*. Yumi can ssh to Hal, but not vice versa. Why ? who knows. this is computers we are talking about here.

Of course Mel kept coming back in and wanting to use her computer, which ment I had to exit Ubuntu on her computer and reset it to Windows.. sort of makes it hard to do these experiments >_<. I must get another computer. Mel doesnt seem to think I need another one, but then again, she isnt the one learning IT.

Thu, Dec. 22nd, 2005, 03:57 am
2005 in review

Slightly premature but heres a brief summary of 2005.


By early February 2005 I was dissatisfied being an office temp. No employer ever wanted to hire me permanently , always leaving at the end of each contract.
I felt unprofessional, a bottom feader office worker which no future.

I had no formal qualifications past VCE. I had no career goal. Years earlier I had wanted to be a programmer, however a combination of impatience, lazyness and lack of ambition caused me to drop out of TAFE 3 times.


At home, Mel became suddenly very interested in the Internet. I found myself always having to give up my computer for her, and this got to the point where I purchased a new computer and gave the old one to her.

Naturaly I wanted both computers to be able to use the internet. I purchased the hardware required. I went home and installed the cards into both computers. I smiled to myself and felt nostalgic about how I always enjoyed upgrading my computer hardware / software.

Thats when it hit me. It was like a rediscoverly of a simple fact, allbeit in a different light. I love computers, I have spent my entire life thinking about them.

For the first time, ever, I truely knew what I wanted to do.

Add to this I had recently watched "Fight Club", and we had a sense of purpose combined with a sense of urgency. A lifechanging combination.


And so very quickly our lives changed dramatically. I became a fulltime student at Holmesglen TAFE, and Mel was the sole bread winner.

This lack of money caused a lot of cut backs - most significally on my part I had to quit my martial arts (Kendo and Iaido). This was very dramatic for me. For the past 2 years Kendo and Iaido were the centre piece in my love of Japanese culture. With them gone, I very quickly abandoned my interest in all things Japanese.

I focused all my attention on my computer. The vast majority of 2005 when I look back on it was me studying on, and playing on my computer. The result? I got great marks, and often had dreams of video games (lol.)


And now Im halfway to my goal of being a qualified IT Professional. The money problem still exists, however I now have a feeling that too can be addressed, or at least postponed for one more year with a personal loan.

I have to admit for me, its been a fun year. I got to be a student again, and not only that, I regained a sense of self worth I lost years ago. I went into a deep depression for a long time after my original TAFE failings, so to be able to go
back, and blow my course away with High Destictions is something I can keep forever.

Wed, Dec. 21st, 2005, 02:14 pm
quick update

Christmas Update: This Christmas Mel and I are, again, going to Bendigo to spend with her senile grand parents. Ugh, it is so utterly boring. I try to gravitate around Mel, her brother, and their cousin "Adam" who is the same age as us. The entire clan goes to church on Christmas day - I dont go. This causes unheard "tut tuts" from the 50+ division, but fuck them. They drag me down to Bendigo, thats far enough. Oh what a *black sheep* I am.

Financial Update: The possible solution that Mel and I are now addressing is getting another small personal loan. This will help support us in 2006, as well as get a few things probably (like my car for instance.) I mean hey we already got a $70k loan, in for a penny in for a pound hey ?

Mel Update: Mel and I have taken up walking every night. It is her attempt at getting fit. It sure does me no harm, and if it helps her get fit/increase her self esteem, all the better.

Tech Update: I reinstalled Simcity 3000 last night. Oh my, I had forgotten its ability to make 3 hours just *Dissapear*.

Misc Update: My glasses are giving me constant headaches these last few days - sure hope that gives up soon.

Tue, Dec. 20th, 2005, 01:02 pm
David the Asshole

I had a lovely conversation on the phone with Mel today - conversation being her complaining about the fact (among other things) Im not working.

What am I suppost to do.

Quit TAFE?
Switch to Part time?

The obvious answer is "Find a part time job", however I had shit all luck with that in 2005, what are my chance next year.

Its this continual no money / bitching we have no money that had me thinking of the *very* drastic step of joining the Army.. which doesnt come naturally to a guy like me. But no, fuck her. That solution is too extreme.

So anyway. Im the asshole without a job.

What do *I* want? well obviously to complete TAFE. I got top marks this year, I want to go back and get my diplomas.

Wonder if anybody needs to buy a kidney...

Tue, Dec. 20th, 2005, 11:50 am
The food instustry can go fuck itself - except for the local pizza shop.

Last night Mel and I went to Southland for dinner & so she could pick up a present for her father.

Mel had worked, once again, an insane amount of hours and as such we decided it would be nice to try TGI Fridays as a treat.

After a very long time, a waiter came to take our orders. We asked for a couple of milkshakes, and said we needed a few more minutes
to decide on our choice. (big mistake.)

Time passes. More time passes. Even more time passes.. To say the service was "slow" just doesnt convey the true sense of abandonment we both felt.

Eventually we both agreed they could go to hell.

I explained to the waitress that the service was far too slow and we just wanted to pay for our milkshakes and go.. Ironically, this lead to MORE waiting (notice a trend?) while they got their shit together. Just then a waitress rocked up with the legendary illusive milkshakes - the other waitress sent it back.

So I payed, and left. No inquiry to my irritation, no apolagies. How a big resteraunt chain can fuck customers over so much is beyond me - but then again, I guess ONLY big resteraunts can, because a small resteruant would die very very quickly
treating their customers like shit like that.

So now we leave very, very grumpy. We had spent $9 for the luxury of sitting in TFI Fridays sterile dining room.

We decide to have Nandos. Nando's has been a consistent enjoyable experience for us.

However as I front up to place my order, the waitress explains they are out of chickens - There is a 20 minute wait. ha, ha, ha.

Take 3 - we go upstairs to Southlands food court. Mel gets KFC (ugh), I head straight to the Japanese food. "Ill have the curry katsudon" I say, with the experience of a person who really, really likes this katsudon. The japanese lady grimaces and
politely informs me the chefs have buggered off, so they were only selling "Ready made" stuff.

By now the uselessness of the entire food industry was making itself very, very clear.

Everyone knows its expensive to eat out. Its in no way economical. The trade off is its suppost to be convenient and enjoyable. Leaving you feeling frustrated as all hell and very, very hungry gives way to the enlightened "if you want a job done properly, do it yourself."

In the end I just had a fallafel roll, which was very, very average and in no way represented a sound investment of $6.95. And I was hungry afterwards.

I went home and cooked up some mini steaks and cracked open a tin of corn, and vowed to become much better at cooking food at home. Revenge will be mine, oh yes !

Mon, Dec. 19th, 2005, 06:34 pm
Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

Well today has been a case example of how to waste a perfectly good day. The only thing *Slightly* productive was I did (most of) the dishes.

I bummed around, surfed the net, watched Invader Zim and played Battlefield 2.

I could of been studying Unix or SQL, but noooooo. I could of done some gardening, or cleaned up around the house, but again noooooooo.

I got a call from my temp agency today, however the jobs they had for me were unsuitable. One was a fulltime contract until June, and the other required good Excel skills (I would consider myself relatively unskilled in Excel, we only really covered
the basics in TAFE.)

Sun, Dec. 18th, 2005, 03:16 pm

as if deciding between 2 career path choices for 2006 wasnt difficult enough, a 3rd has risen, albeit it still in its infancy.

so many factors

my brain may just implode.

2006 will be life changing, whatever form it finally takes. or I could just snap and run up into the hills and live the peaceful life of a hermit. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm... hermit.

Sat, Dec. 17th, 2005, 05:47 pm
I found Wally ! Still looking for the Wizard.

Woot !

Looking for some pairs of undies in my undies draw, and guess what I found? My wallet! Wooooooooooot!!!1111oneoneone

This concludes the Great Wallet Mystery of 2005.

Tonight Mel and I are going to the Green Day American Idiot concert - Should be great. Its worth noting for the first half of this year the only thing I listened to on my Minidiskman was American Idiot - Its such an arduous task putting other music
on teh damn thing I never bothered changing it.

Besides. Its good music =)

Sat, Dec. 17th, 2005, 02:23 am
Does Neo take the red or the blue pill. Stay tuned.

You know.. Im still half debating the whole joining the Army under Operator Command Support Systems bit.. ( http://www.defencejobs.gov.au/careers_explorer/Army347.html)

Time to chart my thought process on the matter.

-This is all presuming id get the position I want.. I sure as hell wouldnt want anything else..


  • Money
  • IT Career skills
  • Looks great on a resume
  • Money
  • Army training turns me into "A Man"
  • Learn the basics of killing people, useful for troublesome client support.


  • Its the Army
  • 6 years minimum service
  • 6 years minimum service

Of course there are other issues as well, however these are the ones formost on my mind. If we narrowed it down further, it would be "IT skills and money VS 6 years minimum service."

The question is , am I being cowardly in thinking about this action, OR am I trying to take command of my career and solve a lot of our current financial problems ?

Grasping for straws ?

Giving up ?


90% chance nothing will come of any of this. But I have to accnoledge that, nomatter what happens.. I sure have been considering it.

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